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The New Standard
in DeFi Investment

Zero Fees, 100% Investment.


DeFi Treasury Fund

Combining the safety of a market crypto ETF with the efficiencies of a zero fees fund. 

The GDS Trust ecosystem has a unique mechanism that rewards holders. By accumulating rewards within the treasury instead of distributing to holders immediately, additional yields can be generated. 

Our treasury provides a liquid, yield generating asset for holders


The economic principles used allow for hyperdeflation of our token. By hedging a portion of investment into our treasury, along with the buy back and burn function, GDST is built to become more scarce in a bear market, and valuable in a bull. 


Zero fees charged, combined with efficiencies gained through pooling users transactions, all the money saved in our system is instantly reinvested for further profits.

Zero Fees

Zero Leakage

Maximum Profit


The GDS TRUST model ties 100% of taxes into the portfolio, leaving all liquidity within the ecosystem. 


GDST flips the model of DeFi to fit the modern lifestyle. All benefits are given to holders, compounding the treasury gains and auto compounding users investments, increasing their share on every single yield, for free, forever.

Unprecedented Model. Unbelievable Results.

The goal of creating the GoldDoge Sachs Trust was to provide a 100% transparent model of operation for all users to understand where and how their investment is being used. 

GDST is a fully insulated model, in which the taxes are locked so that no money will ever leave the model, other than back through the chart.

With a one time entry/exit tax which only provides more liquidity to the whole system, the GDST principle is about accumulating a large, unbreakable liquidity base that is backed by the top of the crypto market. 

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


of liquidity is locked into the ecosystem.  Every single dollar is accounted for and incubated in the GDST treasury, liquidity or chart via buy/burn. 


No matter how many users we grow, our gas fees of less than 1/1000th of 1BNB to compound back into the treasury.

Savings + No Expenses



Gained in the portfolio to date, increasing every day as the system gets more efficient.


Of Golddoge Sachs (GDS) is now secured in GDS Trust Treasury


Of supply of GDST destroyed via buyback & burn since October 20 2022

Giving an effective price increase of 9%+ to the GDST holders

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Investment?

Get started with GDS Trust and start compounding your future in crypto today!

Click the link below to purchase GDST (GDST) via PancakeSwap below

Contract Address:


Buy Tax 9%  - (9% Portfolio)

Sell Tax 10%  - (9% Portfolio + 1% Liquidity)

Note: Set Slippage Tolerance to 11-12%*

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