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Dive Into the New Age of
DeFi Investment

Winning Scenarios for all types of investors

Win # 1. Traders Take Profits

The inherent token value in the GDST ecosystem is that 100% liquidity that enters, stays within the ecosystem. Traders can take profits whenever and a portion of those profits will refill the portfolio. If the GDST token ever dips too low from traders pulling out large sums, the treasury will buy back and burn the token to distribute the profits to all holders equally. This model allows people to trade or hold as they please, with reward mechanisms that satisfy both types of investing. 

Win #2. Treasury Grows Without Volume

Due to the nature of the GDS token gaining taxes through it's own volume independent of the GDST token, as well as the GDS portfolio being able to generate yield in addition to the GDS token, the model does NOT rely on volume unlike a reflections / rewards / royalties etc

Win #3 A Treasury That Grows As It Shrinks

The GDS token collected in the GDST treasury gives reliable yields every month, growing the pools share on every buyback + burn (in the same way GDS Trust repeats for GDST holders.)

However, as GDS value dips, their portfolio of stable coins increases at the same time GDST is able to buy cheap GDS. Thus as GDS drops, the market portfolio rises at the same time as GDST is acquiring more GDS quicker. When the buyback comes from the market portfolio, GDST will be the biggest beneficiary. 

Win #4 Users Compound From Holding

The DeFi space is a tricky one for many to comprehend. We've done the work to remove all need to manage your funds. Once purchased, the GDST token will automatically compound for free in your wallet. There is no need to stake, claim, harvest or wait for reflections. We deliver your investment to you via buybacks and burns which directly increase the price of your token, and the relative supply you hold.

We Trade The Chart
So You Don't Have To

This model is designed for those who want a safe investment. Backed by liquidity and strengthened by the hedged treasury which rewards holders most in dips, we remove the need for users to constantly manage their portfolios. 
GDST works to optimise everyone's investment together.

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