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Our Mission

To give the diversification of a market index, combined with the efficiencies of a hedge fund to the crypto market at zero-cost. We optimise the benefits of DeFi to maximise profits for people who simply want to hold. 

Our Story

Created by two co-developers in New Zealand, the GDS Trust idea was to decentralise the nature of an investment fund to maximise benefits for holders. 

Without the need to pay staff, purchase assets, rent buildings or charge overheads, investment funds could create much larger profits for their clients. 

DeFi in the bear markets could not sustain a scenario which allowed holders to win. Inflationary supplies, staking models, hidden fees, rewards that dry up with volume and more all took value away from holding. 

In order for a token to be adopted for the masses, it MUST benefit the holders more than anyone else. Hence, the GDS Trust was born. 

The first ever zero-fees investment fund that is built for the holders to gain maximal benefit. 

GDS Trust was built for investors to have a simple solution to gain the maximum benefits from Defi, by simply holding. We provide access to both a market diversified portfolio, and a managed fund, without cost.


Investors should always have the full and equal share of benefits of the ecosystem, without the need to check charts or manage a portfolio.

No Staking. No Harvesting. Simply Profit via Price.


Using basic economies of scale efficiencies, GDST saves money through every user gained, Channelling all the profits from savings back to users. The larger we grow, the more money we all save! That means more profits for everyone!


Other than the buy/sell tax and gas fees, we strive to provide a fee free decentralised solution run fairly for the community.

0% Fees, 100% Investment. Always


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